We are an official Forest School accredited by the Northern Ireland Forest School Association (NIFSA). 

What is Forest School?

"Forest School" is based on a Scandinavian idea that considers children's contact with nature to be extremely important from an early age.

Forest School is an exciting initiative which aims to get children outside to enjoy and explore the world around them. The children will take part in a series of regular forest school sessions within our own nursery grounds, as well as in Belvoir Forest.  

Benefits of Forest School

The benefits of Forest Schools for children and society are well documented.

  1. Increased confidence and independence of the child.
  2. Development of their language skills by providing a real context for language.
  3. Ability to take risks and to become more open to new experiences.
  4. The forest school program evolves from the needs of the child and includes the child's interests.
  5. Provides the practitioner with an alternative view of the child and further insights into a child's development.
  6. Beneficial to a child's all-round development, particularly in the areas of personal, social and emotional, language and communication.
  7. Underpins the principles laid down in the foundation stage guidelines.
  8. The forest school experience has been very well received by all those involved in it.
  9. Provides opportunities for the children to take risks, problem solves and use thinking skills.
  10. Complements learning in the classroom and can be transferred.

If you would like further information about Forest Schools, please visit NIFSA’s website at www.nifsa.org.uk or visit https://www.forestschoolsni.com