Welcome to SC3!

Star Awards for September to these fab new pupils who have settled into their new school and new class so well!  They are SC3’s pupils of the month for September!

We have been reading “The boy at the back of the class”.  It is all about a little boy who is a refugee from Syria.  In the book he says that pomegranates remind him of home.  We decided we would like to try one!

Autumn Walks!

New Class, new year, getting off to a great start!

We used Isaac 9 to build towers of 10!  One group decided to build a tower which added up to 17.  Great fun!

We have been learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin.  Today we got to open a pumpkin up to look inside.  It looks a bit like a melon because pumpkins are from the same family.  We carved a lantern out of our pumpkin afterwards.

Birthday time!  We love a party in SC3!

Children in Need 2021 “Together We Can” is the theme!  We worked together to pass a hula hoop around our class circle without letting go of our hands.  Jake figured out how to do it, we all had to work together. We also learned about the history of Children in Need and we made some Pudsey masks!

Christmas in SC2

Winter Walks in Belvoir Forest

Happy birthday Mrs Gault!

100th day of school!

Anti-Bullying Week - one kind word….

Ditch the Dark Day 2022


Pancake Tuesday

World Book Day

Spring Forest Walk

It’s all about angles - acute, right and obtuse!  Outdoor learning ☀️

More work with angles and 2d shapes using pro bots