SC1- Welcome to our happy class 2021/2022!


Our teachers are Mrs McKnight and Miss Smyth.

Our assistants are Mrs Wallace, Mrs Keightley and Miss Reid

You are a very welcome visitor to our class web page. We hope you enjoy looking through the photos of the children engaging in their activities.

Our class has been set up to support children, in Year 1 & 2, who have social and communication difficulties, including those associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Some of the children in the class will have access to speech therapy, with one of our part time Speech and Language therapists. The children follow all areas of the curriculum, not least including Literacy, Numeracy, ICT, World Around Us and PDMU.

Our SC1 team, which includes a class teacher, two classroom assistants and one part time assistant strive to maintain a highly structured classroom environment. A variety of Autism friendly strategies are used to enhance classroom structure, for example, class and individual schedules, visual cues, workstations, structured activities and visual routines.

The children are nurtured and encouraged to develop their social skills, through the use of our PATHS programme, social stories, social skills games and activities. We enjoy learning outside and love to learn through play in our outdoor area. We also go on nature hunts and for walks around the school grounds. Creativity, investigation and exploration of the world around us is fostered through a range of fun activities.

We have a variety of sensory objects which we use on a regular basis to help the children to enhance their ability to regulate their emotions. For example, we have light up toys, mesh balls and Theraputty in the classroom. We also have a range of larger sensory equipment, such as a peanut roll, dark tent, spinning chair, wobble stools, spinning top and scooter boards, which can be used if needed, to enable children to regulate so that they are ready to learn.


Please enjoy looking through our class photos, in order to see our amazing children!


In SC1 we use visual aids to help throughout the day

We enjoy learning through outdoor play!

We have lots of fun sorting and making patterns!

PE is lots of fun in our class - Beans on Toast and circuit fun!