SC2 2020 2021


We love playing memory games, especially with actions! We had great fun playing ‘We went to Yoga…..’

We had a lovely long walk through the meadows in Belvoir Forest. Thank you to Mr Moore for leading the way. Thank you to Mrs Paul for the drinks at the Lockkeeper's Cafe.  We had fun playing Duck Duck Goose on the grass. .

We had great fun banging the Boomwhackers. We are learning to play Twinkle Twinkl Little Star.  We had lots of lovely compliments from people passing in the corridor. 

We are enjoying our outdoor playtimes. We love writing and drawing with chalks, using paintbrushes to clean the blackboards and making tunes with the musical board. 

We had a great time at Sports Day. SC2 had our own Sports Day on Monday and then the Key Stage Sports Day on Tuesday. Check out the link from the gallery. 

We had a wonderful morning with Claire and Luke from Blackberry Farm. Claire told us stories about Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddleduck and The Little Red Hen. We had fun meeting chicks, bunnies, a duck, a red hen, a goat, a lamb, and an alpaca called Bambi. The duck laid an egg during our visit , one of the bunnies jumped out of the basket and a chick tried to climb into one of our friend's  coat pocket. All the children were very brave and there were massive smiles and giggles this morning.

Maths is always fun but we absolutely love using Izak9. We worked together. We sorted the cubes. Some groups sorted by number, others sorted by colour and a group sorted by pattern. We worked together to put the cube back together. We did lots of talking. Everyone was very happy with our Mathematical language and teamwork. 

We love our Summer Term topic.  We are learning all about different animals in the zoo. We have started by pretending to go on Safari in Africa.  We pretended to  be safari rangers. We made leopard prints and cheetah crowns. We had to have races to see who was the fastest cheetah. We drew animals and paw prints using chalk. We've been loving all the stories too.  .

We love the Summer term and getting out into the forest. We have gone on some forest walks during our PE lessons. We got our hearts pumping walking up the big hill. 

We finished off our Space topic with presentations. Each of us researched a planet and told our friends all about it. 

We've had lots of Christmas fun. We went for our Santa Stroll. We each got three turns at the advent calendar and gave ourselves compliments. We practiced lots of cutting and sticking. We played Chimneys and Candy Canes and we wrote a story about Christmas. 

We love to play in SC2. One day we made the Super Station. 

Our topic this half term was weather. We read lots of books. We enjoyed Elmer in the Snow, Shark in the Park on a Windy Day, Alfie's feet, Little Cloud, and The sun and the North Wind. We did lots of Art too. Here's some of it. 

Here's the third December birthday. Thank you for the treats.

Here's the second December birthday. Thank you for the treats. 

We celebrated four December Birthdays. Here's the first! Thank you for all the treats.

We loved doing the skittle experiment during Bucket time. 

We celebrated a birthday in November. Thank you for all the treats. 

We planted daffodil bulbs during bucket time. 

September Fun in SC2