Summer Scheme


First Day Monday 26th July

We started with some outdoor games: Duck,Duck Goose and the Hokey Cokey.

Then we split into two groups and took turns with an art activity or some Connected Kids mindfulness and meditation. 

We made our own sandwiches for lunch.

Day 2 Tuesday 27th July

We were watching the weather forecast and decided to take a walk down to one of the meadows in Belvoir Forest.  We had snack, played parachute games and did a scavenger hunt. 

On the way back to school we stopped at the park for some playtime. We also did some Connected Kids activities. 

We made our own sandwiches again for lunch. 

We ended the day with Story Time in our library. 

Day 3 Wednesday 28th July

We began our day by busting some moves and playing musical statues. 

After our morning circle we split into two groups and took turns making masks or Connected Kids activities. 

We tried to play outside but the rain started so we played outdoor and parachute games in the hall.

We made our own sandwiches for lunch. 

Day 4 Thursday 29th July

Today we had fun playing cards. 

We made vegetarian 15's. We used chocolate instead of cherries and popcorn instead of marshmallows. The best part was the taste testing! 

We enjoyed tropical fruit (pineapple, melon and kiwis) with yoghurt for snack.

We played musical bumps and then practiced our Connected Kids breath work with bubbles outside. 

After we made our sandwiches we enjoyed a story in the library before hometime. 

Final Day Friday 30th July

We took a break from photos today and made a wee final thoughts video, We still had lots of fun. We played with toys, played a memory game, ate lots of treats including our 15s and enjoyed our chippy lunch.