SC2 2021 2022


We’ve been inspired by books to try new foods! 

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We had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day 2022. 

We made delicious pancakes. 

January 2022

It’s been a busy month. We’ve been getting very active and working on our Gross and Fine motor skills. We’ve enjoyed our forest walks, the daily mile, Dough Disco and our new handwriting programme Squiggle Whilst you Wiggle so we’ve been dancing to some pop classics e.g. the Jackson Five, Yazz, Tina Turner and Wham! 

December 2021

We’ve had a busy month. Our P3 friends rehearsed for the nativity ‘Prickly Hay whilst our P4 and P5 rehearsed ‘Mary Had a Baby’.  We finished our clay Diva Lamps. We learned how to sew and made beautiful stockings. We had a visit from an elf. We did some Christmas Maths investigations. We made music with Boomwhackers and some of us were featured on Sign Source Learning’s Facebook page showing off our BSL (British Sign Language). 

November 2021

We started our new topic celebrations. We’ve been working hard and learning lots. Here’s a little glimpse of some of our fun. 

October 2021

We’ve been busy in October. We explored tempo and dynamics in music. Designed and created paper pumpkins. We wrote and performed a spell. We practiced our fine motor skills and our cutting skills. We made a list of things and people we are thankful for. We measured length. We played games. We had a special NSPCC assembly. We love ‘bucket time’ and we had elections for our student and eco council representatives. 

September Fun.

We've had outdoor fun with stilts and rolling down the grassy hill. We've been exploring 'Our Local Area' and learning the Green Cross Code. We love our sensory circuits and our Daily Mile.  

We have also been learning about maps and story maps. Videos of our retelling Rosie’s Walk are a available the children’s Dojo page.